Hundreds of French activists protest police brutality

January 29, 2017 6:00 pm
Hundreds of activists have marched through the streets in the French capital, Paris, demanding an end to police brutality in the European country.
The protesters gathered on Place de la Republique Square in central Paris on Saturday, before marching on to the Paris High Court. They demanded that French police be held accountable if they act outside their legal jurisdiction and are caught engaging in acts of violence.
Police had been deployed on the streets to control the crowd; however, no clashes were reported.

A screen grab from a Ruptly video shot on January 28, 2017 shows French activists against police brutality in the capital, Paris.

The protesters also called on the French government to drop charges against the activists involved in last year’s protests against new labor laws.
Nationwide protests broke out last year when announced new labor laws that would allegedly disempower French workers and violate their rights.
The government of President Francois Hollande insists that the reforms will cut stubbornly high unemployment, which has risen to 10 percent. But workers’ unions say the changes will make it easier and less costly for employers to fire people.
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