Kuwait thwartsDaesh terrorist group attack on US troops

October 9, 2016 2:00 am

A garbage truck used in a attack on US troops in Kuwait, October 8, 2016 (Photo by AP)

An alleged member of the Daesh terrorist group has been arrested by Kuwaiti security forces following a botched attack on US soldiers.
According to the state agency KUNA on Saturday, Egyptian national Ibrahim Suleiman was arrested after he rammed an explosives-laden garbage truck into a car carrying five US troops.
Reports note that none of the soldiers were injured, but the assailant suffered multiple injuries and was moved to hospital under a police escort.     
“After an initial investigation of the suspect Suleiman, who was born in 1988, by specialized security apparatus, a hand-written note was found indicating that he had adopted the terrorist Daesh ideology and pledged allegiance to this organization,” said KUNA.
The agency also released a picture of the alleged terrorist, noting that an explosive belt, which was found in his truck, suggested that “he was plotting a terrorist act.”   
The arrest is the second of such in Kuwait in the last three months. In July, Kuwaiti security forces dismantled three Daesh terrorist cells that were preparing for attacks in the state.  
In June 2015, a Daesh-linked Saudi terrorist blew up a Shia mosque in the country, killing some 26 people.
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