US Vice President Joe Biden says ‘sick’ of Donald Trump and rest of corporate America

September 6, 2016 8:36 pm

Vice President addresses the crowd before the Pittsburgh Labor Day parade on September 5, 2016, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Post Gazette)

US Vice President Joe Biden has sharply criticized Republican presidential nominee and similar corporation owners who do not see the working class as their equal.
“Know that there’s so many people like Trump who look at us like we’re not their equal. I’m sick of it. I’ve had it up to here,” Biden said at a Labor Day rally with VP candidate Tim Kaine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Monday.
“Back 10 years ago when I spoke to the AFL-CIO convention, I said, and I meant it, ‘the American Chamber of Commerce has declared war on labor’s house.’ It’s been an unrelenting war. They see their success, and so does he, in your demise. Not a joke. It’s about time we all woke up.”
Biden, who has long been a supporter of the labor movement, made headlines last year by saying that unions were keeping “barbarians at the gate,” protecting American workers from greedy corporations.
“The reason why we got in trouble is corporate America. The reason we got in trouble was the greed of Wall Street,” Biden told the crowd in Pittsburgh.
The vice president has previously slammed Trump as being unqualified for the White House, saying “this guy’s shame has no limits.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump looks out the window as he travels aboard his plane between campaign stops in Ohio, September 5, 2016. (Reuters)

Kaine joined Biden in criticizing corporate America represented by Trump and other like-minded billionaires.
“This stuff about growing an economy that works for everybody, we haven’t been sitting in an ivory tower looking out at the world; we’ve not ever been sitting in penthouses looking out at the world,” Kaine said.
Trump has said that American workers are overpaid, making the country unable to compete with the rest of the world.
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