UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s G20 delegation warned against being seduced by Chinese female spies

September 4, 2016 9:57 pm

An artist shows a clay figure of British Prime Minister to mark the G20 summit. (AP)

Prime Minister Theresa May’s officials are being warned to avoid “honey traps” in Hangzhou, , where global leaders are convening for the G20 summit.
The British paper the Daily Telegraph reported that the prime minister’s team will be targeted by Chinese spies who will offer sex during the international summit. 
Honey traps refer to a strategy, in which an attractive person entices a politician to get information from them.
In the past, British government advisors have been caught in honey traps on official trips to China.
Government security chiefs want to ensure British intelligence is not stolen like in 2008, when a Downing Street official accompanying then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown was seduced by a beautiful Chinese woman.
The UK official took the Chinese spy back to his hotel room, but woke up to find out that his Blackberry and documents from his briefcase were missing. 
Damien McBride, who was previously Brown’s spin doctor, witnessed the incident, which he recorded in his memoirs published in 2013. 
Security advisers are also warning staff not to keep gifts they receive and to stay clear of electronic devices, such as free computer memory sticks, mobile phone SIM cards or chargers which they are offered by their Chinese hosts.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May (C) arrives for the G20 Summit at the International Expo Center in Hangzhou on September 4, 2016. (AFP)

As a precaution, May’s team has been given temporary mobile phones and email addresses.
A Westminster official said security chiefs had warned them that hotel rooms used during the summit were likely to be bugged.
“We have been told that if you feel uncomfortable about people seeing you naked, you should get changed under your bedclothes,” the source said.
The 2016 G20 summit is May’s first one since she was elected as prime minister in July. She is due to have her first face-to-face meeting with the Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, at the end of the summit on Monday.
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