Polish archaeologists and researchers have unearthed a time capsule dating back to the Nazi era

September 20, 2016 1:16 pm

A time capsule has finally revealed its secrets. Photo / ZLOCIENIEC Council

A time capsule buried by Nazis before World War II has finally revealed its secrets.
Polish archaeologists unearthed the big cylinder from a former Nazi training and education facility based in the city of Zlocieniec, which they believed were buried in April of 1934.
The capsule was opened at the National Museum in Szczecin. Inside contained an assortment of items including coins, parchment, newspaper clippings, photographs of Adolf Hitler and two copies of his ‘Mein Kampf’ manifesto.
The researchers said the items were preserved in excellent condition.
They knew of the capsule’s existence decades before, but were unable to access it due to the complex process of extracting the cylinder, which involved penetrating thick layers of concrete and dodging explosives planted by Nazis.
The town where the capsule was located didn’t become part of until 1945.

Inside contained an assortment of items including newspaper clippings. Photo / ZLOCIENIEC Council

The capsule contained various documents and photographs. Photo / ZLOCIENIEC Council

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