Health reports show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fit for US presidency

September 15, 2016 5:13 pm

Republican presidential nominee (L) and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton have released medical summaries, addressing growing speculation on whether they are physically fit to lead America.
Trump’s report, signed by his personal doctor of more than three decades, Dr. Harold Bornstein, was released during an appearance on the latest episode of The Dr. Oz Show aired on Thursday.
Bornstein said the 70-year-old candidate weighs 236 pounds (107 kg) which makes him overweight for his 6.3 ft (1.92m) height.
The New York businessman has only been hospitalized once, undergoing an appendectomy when 11 years old, Bornstein added.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (R) hands his health summary to Dr. Mehmet Oz during a TV show.

Trump’s lab results were all normal with his liver and thyroid functioning normally, according to the letter from his doctor. Moreover, the candidate takes a cholesterol drug and low-dose aspirin to keep his health in check.
Bornstein noted in his letter that Trump’s parents lived into their 80s and 90s and summarized by saying that the real estate mogul was “in excellent physical health.”
Clinton’s campaign also released similar report about the former secretary of state’s well-being on Wednesday.
Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal physician, noted in the report that the candidate was on antibiotics and swiftly recovering from a bacterial pneumonia that she was diagnosed with on Friday.
Clinton is currently taking several drugs on a regular basis that included Armor Thyroid (for hypothyroidism), Coumadin (to prevent blood clots), Clarinex (to treat allergy) and B-12. She was also temporarily on Levaquin to treat her pneumonia.

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves to the press as she leaves her daughter’s house in New York, September 11, 2016. (AFP photo)

“The remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition,” Bardack noted.
The former first lady’s campaign hopes that the new health details will end the health rumors that have been haunting her ever since she suffered a blood clot in her brain in 2012.
The release comes days after the 68-year-old candidate was forced to abruptly leave a 9/11 memorial in New York on Sunday.
Despite Bardack’s pneumonia comment, Clinton’s campaign set off a storm of attacks by blaming the incident on her simply feeling “overheated.”
The conflicting reports forced former President Bill Clinton to chime in and address the rumors by stating that Hillary “is doing fine.”
President Barack Obama also tried to silence the rumors by claiming in a campaign event that nobody was “more fit to be our president” than Clinton.

Clinton, 68, is healthy and fit to serve as President and is currently recovering from non-contagious, bacterial pneumonia, her physician, Dr Lisa Bardack, said in a letter about the Democratic nominee’s medical condition released by the campaign.
Trump, 70, knows he could stand to lose a few pounds but otherwise is in great health, campaign adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders told MSNBC yesterday after the Republican nominee taped an episode of the Dr Oz Show in New York.

Meanwhile, Trump was cut off, chastised and then heckled after he attacked Clinton during what was supposed to be a speech on helping where the Government had failed the people of Flint, Michigan.
“Mr Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech,” said the Reverend Faith Green Timmons, the pastor of the Bethel United Methodist Church. She said in a statement distributed to reporters that the visit “in no way” represented an endorsement of Trump’s candidacy.
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