CityPass cartoon tram operator tells Israeli commuters to copy ‘British manners’ while on public transport

September 2, 2016 9:50 pm

A still from the CityPass cartoon teaching Israelis how to copy ‘British manners’ while on public transport

An Israeli tram operator has released an educational cartoon encouraging Israelis to copy British manners while on the tram.
The Hebrew-language animation, which was produced by the CityPass company, features an Israeli young man, called David, who has recently returned from the United Kingdom, and is trying to teach another Israeli the value of the British etiquette, such as queuing, paying, respecting the elderly and not shouting while on public transport.
In the video, which has so far been watched 240,000 times in the occupied territories, David tells his fellow that “in London they let people get off the train first, instead of pushing their way on without looking.”
“Do you know what happens to people who get on the train without paying in London? Nothing. They simply don’t do it,” he adds.
His friend, however, believes that it will take time “to get used to the mentality.”
“After you get used to traveling every morning on the underground you simply understand that our behavior here is mistaken at its core,” David responds.
Although CityPass, which launched its service in 2011, has praised the manners seen on the London transport system in the video, many Londoners object to such a rose-colored mentality about the city’s commuter culture.
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