Baton Rouge police man in red underwear with ‘superhuman strength’

September 19, 2016 5:15 am

Jeremy Wayne Saylor. Photo / East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

Baton Rouge police say a man wearing only red underpants attacked officers with “superhuman strength,” got into a patrol car and tried to run over officers and rammed a mobile home off its blocks.
WBRZ-TV reports that according to an arrest report, 35-year-old Jeremy Wayne Saylor punched a beach-ball-sized dent in the car’s windshield, and shook officers off and got into the car despite four shocks from a stun gun.
Police spokesman L’Jean McKneely told the Advocate that relatives had called police about yesterday, saying Saylor was “tearing things up” after smoking synthetic marijuana called mojo.
“[Saylor] was punching and hitting officers, trying to escape capture,” the report states. “Saylor] had superhuman strength, which he pushed officers off of him and he was able to get into [a police vehicle]. Officers tried to pull [Saylor] out of the vehicle, which he placed in reverse and tried to run officers over to escape. [Saylor] drove in reverse at a high rate of speed that officers were falling out of the vehicle and officers had to get out of the way to avoid getting run over.”

It was not clear whether he had a lawyer.He was arrested on charges of attempted murder of a police officer, resisting police, felony auto theft and damage to property.
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