UK shadow foreign secretary censures NEC in defense of Jeremy Corbyn


’s opposition Labour Party leader gestures as he prepares to speak at a rally in north London on August 15, 2016. (AFP)

The shadow foreign secretary has accused the Labour Party figures of attempts to “quash” Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and put “members back in their box.”
In a Facebook post on Monday, Emily Thornberry denounced the party’s national executive committee (NEC), voicing support for Corbyn despite scores of resignations in his shadow cabinet.
“Here we are now, less than a year after Jeremy’s overwhelming victory, and the party hierarchy – through decisions of the national executive committee – is attempting to overturn that result, quash Jeremy’s mandate, and put the party’s members back in their box. And they are doing so in the most naked way,” she wrote.
The shadow foreign secretary (pictured below) suggested that while she may not always agree with Corbyn she welcomes his attitude in tackling differences.
“I have always found him and his team willing to get around a table, listen, reflect and discuss a way forward.”
This is while several of the former members of his shadow cabinet, including Lilian Greenwood, Chi Onwurah and Angela Eagle, have criticized him for not being cooperative.
“I fundamentally disagree with this attempt to take us back to the years when our members were deliberately antagonized, alienated and ignored,” Thornberry said.
Corbyn is fighting former BBC producer Owen Smith to retain his throne as the party leader.

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