UK Chancellor Philip Hammond works against Theresa May to slow Brexit


British Finance Minister

Chancellor Philip Hammond is trying to put a halt to the British Prime Minister ’s plan for the country to leave the as quickly as possible.
Despite her wishes, Hammond is resisting attempts to speed up , arguing he wants to ensure that the UK’s financial services sector is protected in advance of quitting the .
Since being appointed prime minister, and despite being a Remain supporter, May (pictured below) has repeatedly stated that “Brexit means Brexit” and has ordered a cabinet meeting to work on an exit strategy over the summer.
The British Daily Express reported that Hammond was making a fuss with an anonymous senior Conservative saying, “there’s a tussle going on here. The chief culprit is the chancellor.”
“He has taken the position that there are no red lines, that you’ve got to stay part of the market and it doesn’t matter what you give way on. Hammond is operating as a blocking mechanism.” 
Other European leaders have expressed desire for the UK to make a swift exit. 
French Prime Minister Francois Hollande called on the UK not to “waste time” in its process, citing the benefits of all parties in a hasty exit.   
Whereas, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken a measured approach to Britain leaving the EU recently.
“Brexit is not just any event, it is a breaking point in the history of EU so we need to work out a very careful response,” she said recently.
European politicians will meet in Slovakia on September 16 to discuss Brexit. 
On June 23, some 52 percent (17.4 millions) of British people voted in a referendum to leave the EU after 43 years of membership, while roughly 48 percent (16.14 millions) of people voted to stay in the union.
The vote result has caused political turmoil in the country, pushing David Cameron to announce his resignation and May being named as the new premier within a few weeks.
The vote has also sent economic shock waves through Britain as well as global financial markets.

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