Reckless fugitive who aged up to try and sneak away caught in Massachusetts

August 21, 2016 11:37 am

Shaun Miller, left, disguised himself as an elderly man, right. Photo/Twitter, ATF HQ

A fugitive who disguised himself as an elderly man to avoid police has been caught following a raid in .
Shaun Miller, 31, from the village of Hyannis, described by police as a ‘mysterious masked man’, walked outside of a property surrounded by police wearing the ‘realistic’ disguise.
He had been on-the-run from police since he was indicted in April 2016 in connection with drug trafficking charges and was finally arrested on August 18 when police saw through his disguise.
“Law enforcement officers surrounded a residence in South Yarmouth where Miller was believed to be staying,” the Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts said in a statement.
“Officers ordered Miller out of the residence and Miller, disguised as an elderly man, walked outside.

“A subsequent search of the residence revealed two loaded weapons hidden in a laundry basket and nearly US$30,000 in cash.””Upon further investigation, officers determined that the ‘elderly man’ was in fact Miller, and at that point, officers pulled off Miller’s realistic disguise and placed him under arrest.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said Miller was one of 13 people who had been charged in an investigation into the Nauti-Block street gang, described as a major Cape Cod drug trafficking organisation.
According to the affidavit, in February 2016, two members of the gang began distributing heroin tinted ‘blue’ due to the ‘cut’ put in the heroin, which was later seized from multiple sources on Cape Cod.
Miller was arrested in connection with drug trafficking charges.
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