Islamic State viral propaganda on why they hate the West


, the official spokesman for . Photo / Supplied

Liberals and non-believers, Islamic State don’t like you very much.
In fact, most people in the west are an enemy – at least if you believe Islamic State’s propaganda message.
In the latest edition of its propaganda magazine Dabiq the terror group takes aim at liberals and non-believers before detailing why militants attack western targets.

The tributes at Pulse nightclub in Orlando after a gunman killed 49 and wounded 53. Isis claims attacks like these are in retaliation for apparent wrongs committed against . Photo / AP

The 15th issue of Dabiq, published on July 31, is titled Break The Cross and takes a direct swipe at Christians.
The editorial Why We Hate You & Why We Fight You not only mocks the idea that Islam is a peaceful religion and those who refuse to call the group Islamic because it’s “politically incorrect”.
It begins by talking about the “blessed attack on a sodomite nightclub and how it was indeed a hate because “Muslims hate liberalist sodomites”.

The editorial then launches into the six reasons why Isis hates the West.It also reveals how the attacks committed against the West, including the Orlando nightclub shooting and train attack in Germany aren’t senseless, but are in retaliation for apparent wrongs committed against Islam.
“We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers”, the editorial reads.
“It is for this reason that we were commanded to openly declare our hatred for you and our enmity towards you.”
It then goes on to list the other five reasons Isis hates the west which include;
• Secularists: Because their liberal societies permit things that Islam has prohibited
• Atheists: Because they disbelieve in the “existence of your Lord and Creator”
• The west: For committing crimes committing crimes against Islam and for “transgressions against our religion”
• Western forces: For crimes against Muslims directly with people killed by fighter jets and drones
• Finally, the entire west for invading Muslim lands and territory
The editorial concludes the hatred will continue until the entire West embraces Islam.
However, it then appears to contradict itself, because even if this were to happen the West would be hated anyway, but at least they would stop fighting it.
It also says the reason it fights the West is because it wants to bring true freedom to non-believers.
The magazine editorial comes as Pope Francis called on people to “believe in a new humanity” stronger than evil, and cautioned against concluding that one religion is more violent than others, Associated Press reported.
Speaking at World Youth Day near Krakow, he prayed that God would protect the world from the “devastating wave” of .
When asked by reporters why he has never used the word Islam when denouncing terrorist attacks he said it wasn’t “right to identify Islam with violence”.
He also took a swipe at Isis saying it “presents itself with its violent identity card, but it’s not Islam”.

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