Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump ideas just outlandish


Hillary Clinton attacked what she dubbed “outlandish Trumpian ideas” that have been rejected by both parties.

Her political fortunes flourishing, Hillary Clinton attempted to undercut ’s claim to working-class voters yesterday, portraying her Republican rival as untrustworthy on economic issues and pushing policies that would only benefit the super-wealthy – himself included.
The Democratic presidential nominee sought to seize momentum as Republicans – including Trump – struck an almost defeatist note about their Election Day chances. As Republican leaders sounded alarms about Trump’s unconventional approach, Clinton attacked what she dubbed “outlandish Trumpian ideas” that have been rejected by both parties.
“Based on what we know from the Trump campaign, he wants America to work for him and his friends, at the expense of everyone else,” she said at a manufacturing company in Warren, Michigan.
Appearing in the county known for the so-called Reagan Democrats – working-class Democrats who voted Republican in the 1980s – Clinton tried to seize the opportunity to win back some of the blue-collar voters who’ve formed the base of her rival’s support, making the case that she offers a steadier roadmap for economic growth and prosperity.

Clinton, who frequently boasts about her numerous policy plans, didn’t offer any new, major ideas to improve the country’s economy in her afternoon address. She reiterated her strong opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, leaving herself little room for backtracking should she win the White House if it is taken up by the lame-duck Congress later this year.”I can provide serious, steady leadership that can find common ground and build on it based on hard but respectful bargaining,” she said. “I just don’t think insults and bullying is how we’re going to get things done.”
“I oppose it now, I’ll oppose it after the election, and I’ll oppose it as President,” she said, while also noting that the should not cut itself off from the rest of the world.
Clinton once called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade deals when she served as Obama’s Secretary of State but announced her opposition to the deal last year, saying it did not meet her standard for creating jobs, raising wages and protecting national security.
Hoping to keep the pressure up on Trump, Clinton is also planning to release her 2015 tax returns in the coming days. Trump has said he won’t release them until an IRS audit is complete, breaking traditional with every presidential candidate in recent history.
Her appearance followed Trump’s own speech on the economy, which he delivered in Michigan on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, dozens of frustrated Republicans yesterday gathered signatures for a letter to Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus that urges the party chief to stop helping Trump and instead focus GOP resources on protecting vulnerable Senate and House candidates.

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