Furious father destroys daughter’s $17,000 Audi with digger


Dad destroys daughter’s car. Photo / Kaylor Card,

This is the hilarious moment a dad literally flips out after allegedly catching his young daughter fooling around in a car with a boy.
Mad Mike Card took a DIGGER to the customised Audi A4 that had been lent to his little girl – leaving it completely destroyed, reports The Sun.
The video, which has gone viral on Facebook with 118,000 views so far, sees the angry dad showing no mercy with the $17,300 vehicle.
It was uploaded by son Kaylor with the caption: “Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY”, along with a tag to his sister Ashlyn.
Kaylor later named the boycommented: “All I can say is Brandon Anderson won’t be in this car anymore!”

His harsh punishment left some viewers baffled as to why he didn’t just sell the car instead of wrecking it.It took just two minutes to fully trash the expensive auto in Young Harris, Georgia.
Lisa Michael West wrote: “I think I could’ve come up with punishment that wasn’t quite so costly. This is nuts.”
But many more were full of praise for Mike’s hardline approach to parenting.
Heather Lynn Cassidy wrote: “Sure was a pretty car but much respect toward Mike! Hilarious.”
And it seems the dad is known for his short temper.
Jordan Tyler Hicks said: “Ole Mike shortened out. I’ve seen that temper a few times back in the good ole days”.

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