Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton starting to get nervous about defeat


Republican presidential nominee during an address to the National Association of Home Builders, in Miami Beach, Florida, August 11, 2016. (AFP photo)

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is starting to get “nervous” about losing the election to him, rejecting growing speculations about his declining chances to defeat her.
A series of missteps by Trump over the past few weeks has put him in a disadvantaged position in the race for the White House, stirring doubts among analysts and GOP officials about his ability to ever recover and refocus his campaign.
The New York businessman, however, shrugged off those predictions altogether on Thursday, assuring his supporters at an event in Miami, Florida, that it was Clinton who had to worry about a defeat.
“We’re about even in the polls in Florida, and boy the polls are really tightening up,” Trump told the National Association of Home Builders. “They’re getting a little bit nervous, with their hundred millions of dollars they’re spending on ads. Clinton is getting a little bit nervous. Crooked Hillary is getting a little bit concerned.”
According to a NBC analysis released earlier this week, Clinton’s campaign has spent $52 million on TV ads so far. Trump, however, has not spent anything for that purpose.
This is while most recent polls hint at a deepening gap between Trump and Clinton.
The latest RealClearPolitics average poll has given an 8-point lead to Clinton. Rasmussen, a right-leaning pollster, also put Trump behind Clinton by 3 points in a poll that it released on Thursday.
“She’s spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ads, hundreds of millions, and a new poll just came out this morning that essentially has us very close to even and I haven’t spent anything,” the real estate mogul said of the Rasmussen poll.
“Whatever the number is that she’s got, just hundreds, and they have Trump zero,” he continued. “I said that’s OK. That’s OK. We sit back and wait. We sit back and wait. But we’re doing, I think, very well, maybe better than anybody fully understands, because we have a movement going on.”

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