Donald Trump contesting against press media, not Hillary Clinton


Republican presidential candidate (AFP photo)

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has lashed out at the “crooked” media for their unfavorable coverage of his bid for the White House, saying he is now running against the press rather than against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
“I’m not running against crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media,” Trump told his supporters at a rally in Fairfield, Connecticut on Saturday. “That’s what I’m running against, I’m not running against crooked Hillary.”
Trump’s campaign has received a wave of bad publicity from the media over the past few weeks, falling further behind Clinton on the path to the presidency.
Many blame Trump’s own erratic behavior as the main reason behind the trend. Military veterans, Gold Star families, minorities and GOP officials are among those who have been outraged by a number of the bombastic candidate’s insensitive remarks.
Trump, however, has rejected that notion, repeatedly lashing out at what he calls “dishonest” media for spreading doubt about his ability to recover and refocus on his campaign.

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (AFP photo)

Earlier on Saturday, he went after the New York Times, bashing the daily for citing unknown sources in a report that had characterized him as “sullen” and struggling to catch up with Clinton in polls.
“I don’t think they have any names,” the real estate mogul said of the Times’ sources, before threatening to revoke the paper’s permission to cover his rallies.
“Maybe what we’ll do,” he continued, “we’ll start taking their press credentials away from them.”
Politico, the Washington Post and the Huffington Post are some of the media outlets which have so far lost their press credentials to cover Trump events.
The tycoon has also attacked CNN for criticizing him over calling President Barack Obama “the founder of ISIL (Daesh). He later on said the comments were sarcastic “but not that sarcastic.”
During his Saturday speech, Trump said he would rather remove all cameras from the press zone “and let the people see properly.”
Despite his many feuds with various news outlets and reporters, Trump has constantly dominated the media since the beginning of his campaign.

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