Court charges German man for joining Daesh


German man Abdelkarim El B appears in a court in Berlin for allegedly joining in Syria. (Photo by Getty Images)

A German man has been charged with fighting alongside the Daesh Takfiri group in Syria and breaching ’s humanitarian and weapons laws.
The man, identified as Abdelkarim El B, was charged by Berlin’s Oberlandgericht courthouse on Monday.
During the court hearing, the defendant recounted in graphic details how he had filmed himself on his mobile phone cutting the ears and noses off the dead bodies in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
The German national is also alleged to have fired bullets into the heads of corpses and severed and kicked them around like footballs.
The 30-year-old was reportedly held in custody for one year in Turkey after leaving Syria. Following his release, El B returned to Germany where he was arrested in February 2015.
Daesh terrorists have gained notoriety for their barbarity, heinous atrocities and sacrilegious acts. The militants have been accused of committing gross human rights violations and war crimes in the areas they control in Iraq as well as in neighboring Syria.
A large number of Daesh members are joining the terrorist group mainly operating in Iraq and Syria from other countries, including European ones.  
The number of foreign militants from Western has more than doubled since June 2014, according to reports.
Most of the European militants come from France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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