Britain’s youngest Lotto millionaire Jane Park issues new boyfriend George O’Connor a bizarre list of rules


’s youngest Lotto winner Jane Park (right) has issued new boyfriend George O’Connor (left) with a bizarre set of rules he must abide by while holidaying. Photo: Jane Park / Facebook

She made international headlines when she scooped the £1 million (NZ$1.82 million) Euromillions prize at the tender age of 17, making her Britain’s youngest ever lotto winner.
Now Jane Park has sent the internet into meltdown by issuing her new boyfriend with a bizarre list of rules ahead of a holiday in Ibiza he plans to take without her.
Ms Park, 20, has ordered beau George O’Connor to “avoid eye contact” with women he encounters when he heads to the Spanish party isle for a six-day jaunt with mates next week.
She has also warned Mr O’Connor she will be drug testing him upon his return, checking his mobile for girls’ phone numbers and inspecting his penis for secret tattoos.
As if that wasn’t daunting enough, the young millionaire has threatened to gatecrash his holiday in a bid to catch him breaking one of her rules.

Ms Park’s list of demands has gone viral since she posted it on social media on Thursday, theMirror reported.

Jane Park, 20, has been dogged by controversy since winning Britain’s Euromillions lottery in 2013 aged just 17. Photo / Twitter

The Edinburgh, Scotland native has been dogged by controversy ever since her 2013 lotto win, accusing friends and even family members of taking advantage of her new-found wealth.
She has splashed out on breast enlargements, lavish holidays and expensive toys for herself but has found out the hard way that money can’t buy love.

Jane Park’s bizarre list has gone viral since she posted it to social media on Thursday. Photo / Twitter

In April, she dumped former boyfriend Mark Scales, labelling him a “snake” who had been spoiled by her generosity.
She admitted she had tried to win the 22-year-old’s affections by showering him with expensive gifts which included a new car and a £7000 ($NZ12,721) Rolex.
Ms Park told The Sun that Mr Scales sold the watch “for a quick buck” after they split and was refusing to return the Vauxhall Astra, despite the vehicle being registered in her name.

Jane Park has also had a T-shirt made for her boyfriend bearing the slogan ‘If you are reading this … You are too close to my boyfriend’. Photo / Twitter

Ms Park said her experience with Mr Scales had taught her a lot about men.
“I was too generous to him and he just got used to it,” she told The Sun.
“If I went out with someone with mega-money and I kept getting gifts, I’d get used to it. He never got a job as he was used to getting from me. I can look at it from both ways and say he used me for money. I’m not getting into a new relationship any time soon.”
In May, she was fined £110 (NZ$199) after pleading guilty to assaulting a bouncer in a fight outside an Edinburgh nightclub.

Park has spent thousands on cosmetic surgery and expensive toys since becoming an instant millionaire at just 17. Photo / Twitter

The court heard she slapped doorman Lee Rutherford across the face during a night out in February last year, the Scotsman reported.
Her friend Jordan Archibald, 25, admitted attempting to headbutt a police officer, Sergeant Kevin Smith, as he tried to break up the stoush.

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