Yandex looks to resuming Iran operation


Russia’s largest domestic search engine, Yandex, has already overseas operations in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Minister of Communication Mahmoud Vaezi has said plans to hold talks with Russia on resuming search engine Yandex’s Iranian operations.
The minister made the announcement after meeting his Russian counterpart Nikolai Nikiforov in Moscow earlier this week, several Iranian agencies reported.
“Four different committees will be set up after the meeting I had, and those which my deputies and delegation have had. They will organize everything and will cover many issues, including Yandex,” Vaezi said.
The Russian search engine was reportedly blocked in Iran in March 2016. Vaezi expressed hope that Yandex will be operational in the country by the end of the year.
The announcement about Russia’s largest domestic search engine setting up business in Iran came in October last year when Nikiforov visited Tehran.
The two countries then said they intended to extend cooperation in network security, postal services, search engines, social networks and R&D.
Vaezi then was quoted as saying that Iran intended to reduce state monopoly on internet management.
Yandex already has overseas operations in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.
During his talks with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Friday, Vaezi also discussed Russia’s plans to give a 2.2 billion euro loan to Iran as well as developing banking cooperation.
Navak said two draft agreements were coordinated in the Russian government for 2.2 billion euros to be provided to Iran as an intergovernmental loan.
Novak said they also discussed creating a free trade zone, adding he hoped a joint research team would prepare a plan for signing an agreement by the end of the year.

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