US Islamic rights group slams Florida mosque attack as hate crime


The Fort Pierce Islamic Center was attended by the Pulse nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen. (Reuters photo)

Islamic civil rights organization in the has denounced a recent
beating of a Muslim man at the Fort Pierce Islamic Center in as a
hate crime tied to the mass shooting at an Orlando night club.

Washington-based Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), further
complained that local law enforcement authorities ignored requests by
the Islamic center for increased security at the site despite numerous
threats made against the center.
to a statement by CAIR, a white truck stopped at the mosque at 4:15
am on Saturday and a man got off using racial slurs, saying: “You
Muslims need to get back to your country.”
The statement further noted that the offending individual beat the victim, causing head trauma and knocking out a tooth.
The St. Lucie County sheriff’s office did not immediately comment on the report.
Islamic center also alleged that the local sheriff’s office had
repeatedly ignored pleas to tighten security around the mosque, also
attended by Omar Mateen, a US-born Muslim of Afghan descent, who shot
dead 49 people and wounded 53 more at an LGBT nightclub in the worst
mass shooting in US history.
underlined that mosques around the state had received multiple threats
and acts of intimidation, including from a motorcycle group repeatedly
circling the Fort Pierce mosque.
our requests were repeatedly ignored,” CAIR said in a statement. “Will
someone have to be killed for the sheriff to provide safety and security
to this Mosque? Muslims are part of the community just like everyone
else. It is his duty and responsibility to ensure the safety of all his
The development came amid a growing Islamophobia campaign across the US by right-wing politicians and political organizations.

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