Syria army cuts off supply lines to militant-held eastern Aleppo


Syrian army soldiers patrol a street in ’s government-controlled al-Khalidiyah area on June 28, 2016. ©AFP

The Syrian army says it has cut off all supply routes to the militant-held eastern parts of the embattled city of Aleppo.
General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said on Wednesday that the
latest gains against the foreign-sponsored militants were part of a
plan to restore security and stability to the northwestern city, Syria’s
official SANA agency reported.
The command said that units
of the armed forces and allied fighters carried out successful
operations in Aleppo’s northern areas and managed to cut off all supply
lines and corridors used by to transfer militants, weapons
and munitions to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.
It also
called on all Syrian citizens to cooperate with the army in a bid to
restore normal life to Aleppo and to put an end to violence in the city.
command further gave all armed people in eastern Aleppo a chance to lay
down their weapons and either leave or stay in the city.
Over the
past few weeks, the Syrian troops have advanced against terrorists in
eastern Aleppo, effectively placing the area under siege.

billows from buildings during an operation by Syrian government forces
to retake control of the militant-held district of al-Layramoun, located
on the northwestern outskirts of Aleppo, on July 26, 2016. ©AFPOn
Tuesday, the Syrian army sent text messages to residents and militants
in eastern Aleppo, saying it will grant safe passage to those wishing to
leave the area.
It also urged eastern Aleppo residents to “join
the national reconciliation and expel the foreign mercenaries” from
their neighborhoods.
Syria has been gripped by foreign-sponsored
militancy since March 2011. United Nations Special Envoy for Syria
Staffan de Mistura estimates that over 400,000 people have been killed
in the Syrian conflict. The UN has stopped its official casualty count
in the Middle Eastern state, citing its inability to verify the figures
it receives from various sources.
The Takfiri terrorists operating
in the Arab country have suffered major setbacks over the past few
months as the Syrian army has managed to liberate a number of areas from
the grip of the extremists.

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