Siberian tiger in Beijing mauls woman to death in Chinese wildlife park


A woman was killed by a tiger that leapt at her after she stepped out of the vehicle. File Photo / AP

Siberian tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing mauled a woman to death
and wounded another when they stepped out of their car in an enclosure,
a Chinese state-run newspaper said.
A tiger pounced on one of
the women after she got out of a private car in which she was touring
the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday, the Legal Evening
The second woman was killed by another tiger that leapt
at her after she stepped out of the vehicle to try to help her
companion, the report said.
The Yanqing district government
confirmed in an official microblog post that the tiger attack took place
at the park, which lies at the foot of the Great Wall. It offered few
details but said the injured person was being treated.
are allowed to drive their own vehicles around the park, but are
forbidden from getting out while in certain enclosures, the report said.
woman who answered the phone at the park refused to comment on the
attack, saying only that the park was closed for two days due to
forecasts of heavy rain.

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