Police swarm RNC site as protesters clash with Trump supporters


California Highway Patrol
officers confront protesters during demonstrations near the Republican
National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 19, 2016. (Reuters)

Hundreds of police swarmed
the site of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland where
protesters clashed with supporters of who was officially
announced as the Republican nominee for president.

scuffle erupted at Public Square on Tuesday afternoon as protesters
opposed to Trump and his supporters engaged in a shouting match against
each others.
Cleveland police intervened to break apart the
groups, and then reinforcements, including officers with tear gas,
descended on the square.

activists raise a banner from the flagpoles outside the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
(Reuters)Three women were arrested after
climbing a flagpole near the convention center and hanging a banner
protesting Trump. “Don’t Trump our communities,” read the banner.
actually climbed the flagpole and hung a banner and our officers
responded and made the arrests,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams
told reporters. “They were arrested for criminal mischief.”

An attendee is escorted out by police after shouting in protest on the second day of the GOP convention. (AFP)Police also chased a small group of young people, some wearing masks, in the streets around the square.
are still making sure that we don’t let our guard down,” Williams said.
“There is no need to do anything unless there is violence perpetrated
against somebody.”
The convention which began on Monday and runs through Thursday has been the scene of largely peaceful protests so far.
who has vanquished 16 rivals since he announced his candidacy last
June, will formally accept the GOP nomination during a speech at the
convention on Thursday.
The real estate tycoon will now have to
face his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, to win the white House in a
national vote in November.
“It is something I’ll never ever
forget,” Trump said Tuesday night. “Together we have achieved historic
results with the largest vote total in the history of the Republican
Party. This is a movement, but we have to go all the way.”

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