Pentagon says US to sell bombs to UAE worth $785 million as campaign against Daesh in Iraq and Syria


Joint Direct Attack Munitions,
guidance kits that convert existing unguided bombs into precision-guided
“smart” munitions. ( Navy photo)

The will sell
the United Arab Emirates $785 million worth of bombs as part of the
so-called campaign against Daesh in Iraq and Syria, the says.

Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which facilitates foreign arms
sales, informed lawmakers on Tuesday that the State Department has
approved the deal, according to a Pentagon statement.
now have 30 days to block the deal, but such action seldom happens as
these deals are carefully vetted before they are announced.
part of the deal, the will receive 14,640 bombs and guidance kits,
which turn unguided bombs into precision munitions with navigation
systems, along with other munitions.
The UAE is a key US ally in
the region in the so-called fight against Daesh and the country’s Al
Dhafra Air Base hosts about 3,500 US troops and fighter and
reconnaissance aircraft used against the Takfiri terrorists.
UAE has participated in airstrikes against purported Daesh positions in
Syria, but the US would like the Persian Gulf Arab allies to increase
their contributions to the air raids.
In addition to arm sales to
the UAE, the US has separately approved the sale of 246 missiles and
other equipment to Japan worth $821 million.
The Pentagon said
that the military equipment and missiles will be used for defense at sea
over East Asian and Western Pacific airspace.
The missiles would be used on two new destroyers, which are being currently built by Japan.
week, the Pentagon announced that the US government would authorize
more than $40 billion worth of foreign military sales this year.
are tracking toward $40 billion. We are tracking toward our forecast,”
US Navy Vice Admiral Joe Rixey, the head of the Pentagon’s Defense
Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) told Reuters on Tuesday.
The top military official noted that the figure is likely to change depending on the upcoming contracts over the fourth quarter.
The projected figure marks a drop from the $46.6 billion arms sales last year.

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