Iran expresses grave concern about Turkey’s security


People wave national flags as
they march from Kizilay square to Turkish General Staff building to
react against military coup attempt in Ankara, Turkey, on July 16, 2016.

Iranian Foreign Ministry
Spokesman Bahram Qasemi has expressed “grave concern” about the security
of neighboring Turkey, saying the Islamic Republic supports the
democratically-elected Turkish government.

“We are deeply concerned about stability, security, unity, democracy and the rule of law in Turkey,” Qasemi said on Saturday.
Islamic Republic calls for restraint from resorting to violence in
Turkey and “closely and carefully follows developments in its
neighboring country.”
“A stable, secure and democratic Turkey is a
priority for the Islamic Republic of ,” Qasemi said and expressed
hope that complete stability and peace would be restored to the country
as soon as possible.
The coup attempt, launched late on Friday,
plunged Turkey into hours of chaos unseen in decades during which
soldiers and tanks took to the streets and multiple explosions rang out
throughout the night in Ankara and Istanbul.
President Recep
Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim appeared on television
soon after the coup was launched, declaring an early end to the putsch.
Turkish premier told reporters that 161 people were killed in the coup
attempt against the government. He said 2,839 soldiers were now detained
on suspicion of involvement in the putsch and added that the toll did
not include the assailants.

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