German security forces raid mosque in search of radical preachers


Special police forces smash their
way into a building during a raid in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, ,
July 27, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

German security forces have
stormed a mosque run by a group they say is radicalizing young people in
the country and urging them to join terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

400 volunteer security staff members, along with a special police task
force, raided a mosque and eight private apartments in the city of
Hildesheim, in Lower Saxony, on Wednesday night, searching for members
of DIK, a group that, according to German media, runs sermons, seminars
and lectures entitled “the hatred of infidels.”
Lower Saxony
Interior Minister Boris Pistorius said the DIK in Hildesheim is “a
nationwide hot spot” of radicals “that we have been watching for a long
time. After months of preparation, we have taken an important step to
end the association.”
No reports of possible arrests in the operation were released, however.
A number of people radicalized by the DIK are thought to have traveled to join terrorist groups in the Middle East.

special police officer carries a box after searches at a mosque in
Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany, July 27, 2016. (Photo by AFP)Most
groups radicalizing people are believed to be directly affiliated with
Wahhabism, an extreme ideological strand originating from Saudi Arabia.
It is the main ideological feature of Takfiri terrorist groups —
particularly Daesh — which declare people of other faiths and beliefs as
“infidels” and, based on “decrees” from “clerics,” rule that they
should be killed.
Daesh is mainly operating in Iraq and Syria, and is believed to be receiving support from a number of Arab dictatorships.
A spate of attacks in Germany has shocked the European country since July 18.
week, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee detonated explosives in the city of
Ansbach in Bavaria, killing himself and injuring 15 people. Daesh
claimed responsibility for the attack.
On July 19, a teenager,
identified as an Afghan asylum seeker, who wielded an axe and a knife,
wounded four passengers on a regional train, before injuring a passerby.
He was then killed by police. Daesh also claimed responsibility for
that attack.

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