France pleas to youths to join reserves after Nice attack


French Interior Minister Bernard
Cazeneuve delivers a statement following a terrorist attack in , at
Hotel de Beauvau in Paris, July 16, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

The French government has
called on young people to help boost security across by joining
the special “operational reserve” following a deadly attack in the city
of Nice that killed 84 people.

Interior Minister Bernard
Cazeneuve said on Saturday, “I want to call on all French patriots who
wish to do so to join this operational reserve.”
The operational reserve is a French police force that currently has 12,000 volunteers aged between 17 and 30.
Nice terrorist attack on Thursday night was the third act of terror in
France in 18 months. During the attack, an individual identified as
Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel plowed with his truck through a crowd of
people celebrating the French national day in Nice, brutally killing 84
people and wounding 300 others.
The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group
later claimed responsibility for the attack and said the 31-year-old
driver of the truck was a member of the terror group. However, there is
speculation that Daesh may have sought to claim a high-profile attack
without really having been linked to it, particularly as the assailant
had had a history of psychological disturbances and is not known to have
been in contact with Daesh.
man reacts as he sits in front of a make-shift memorial placed on the
road for the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Nice, July 17,
2016. (Photo by AFP)The French government has faced criticism over the security breakdown that allows such attacks.
November, assailants struck at least six different venues in and around
the French capital, Paris, leaving 130 people dead and over 350 others
injured. Daesh claimed responsibility for those assaults.
In January 2015, Daesh assailants also killed 17 people in attacks in the French capital.
the French interior minister, has defended the state of security and
said France has faced a “new kind of attack” that highlighted the
“extreme difficulty of the anti- fight.”
He said the
driver “had not been known to the intelligence services because he did
not stand out… by being linked” with a radical ideology.
France is observing three days of national mourning in tribute to the victims of the deadly Nice massacre.
The European country has been in a state of emergency since the November attacks last year.

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