FBI to interview Hillary Clinton over private email use


Presumptive Democratic
presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addresses a town hall meeting on
June 28, 2016, in Hollywood, California. (AFP photo)

The Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) is scheduled to interview Democratic presidential
candidate Hillary Clinton in the coming days over her use of a private
email server during her time as secretary of state.

A source close to the investigation suggested the interview may take place on Saturday at Clinton’s home in Washington, DC.
goal of the Justice Department, which administers the FBI, is to
complete the investigation and make recommendations on whether charges
should be filed before the Democratic and Republican Party conventions
take place later this month, the source said.
Clinton is under
investigation by the FBI for using a private email server installed at
her home in New York state to conduct official US State Department
The official communications included thousands of emails that were later marked classified by the State Department.
investigators have already interviewed several of Clinton aides,
including her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, and former chief of
staff Cheryl Mills.
The meeting comes amid the controversy
involving another meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and
former President Bill Clinton on Lynch’s airplane on the tarmac of
Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport on Monday.
On Friday,
Lynch acknowledged that her 30-minute private meeting with Hillary
Clinton’s husband was a mistake that had cast a shadow over the email
investigation and contributes to a perception of bias.
Seeking to
lessen the firestorm over the meeting, Lynch said she will accept the
recommendations of career prosecutors and the FBI director on whether to
charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling government-related emails.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as well as other
Republicans, have said that the meeting shows Lynch is too close to the
Clintons and should not be involved in the email investigation.

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