Donald Trump can’t win the White House, must be defeated: Clinton


Democratic Presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton addresses the crowd at the 107th Annual NAACP
Convention at the Duke Energy Center July 18, 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

US presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says her Republican rival, , cannot become the next president.
at the annual NAACP conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Monday, Clinton
called on the civil-rights group to defeat Trump, saying he was unfit to
run the country.
“Donald Trump
plays coy with white supremacists. Donald Trump insults Mexican
immigrants… Donald Trump demeans women. Donald Trump wants to ban an
entire religion from entering our country and Donald Trump loves to talk
to the press,” she said.
She made the remarks as the Republican National Convention was underway in Cleveland to elect him as the GOP nominee.
convention turned into a chaotic situation as Trump’s opponents chanted
“Roll call vote! Roll call vote!” in a bid to demand a vote by all
2,472 delegates on a procedural motion required before the convention
can officially get underway.
Clinton told the NAACP crowd that Trump poses a threat to US democracy and that he is incapable of becoming the president.
do not care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, Donald
Trump cannot become president of the United States,” she stated.

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