Donald Trump campaign calls DNC attacks a ‘night of empty rhetoric’


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

US Republican presidential
nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has dismissed assaults by Democratic
leaders at the Democratic National Convention as “empty rhetoric”.

Wednesday night, speaker after speaker, including US President Barack
Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton’s pick for vice
president, Tim Kaine, all attacked Trump, and described him a demagogue
and fraud who is not a suitable person to be in the White House.
response, Trump’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, said the
Democratic Party is obsessed with Trump but they “offered no solutions.”
described a vision of America that doesn’t exist for most Americans,
including the 70 percent of Americans who think our country is on the
wrong track,” Miller said. “Never has a party been so disconnected from
what is happening in our world.”
Miller said Democrats do not want to deal with reality. “They spoke in cheap, petty terms beneath the dignity of a convention.”
entire message could be summed up as: things are perfect, let’s not
change a single thing. So they resorted to the of fear, trying
to convince Americans not to vote for change,” he added.
In his speech on Wednesday night, Obama censured the Republican presidential nominee for his slogan, “Make America Great Again”.
is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you, our
strength, our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump,” Obama said.
Biden called Trump a deadly choice for America’s future. “Donald Trump
and all his rhetoric would literally make us less safe.”
ridiculed Trump’s most questionable promises, like building a wall on
the border with Mexico and making them pay for it, destroying Daesh, and
assuring the public there’s nothing fishy in his tax returns.
“Folks, you cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth!” he stated.
Democratic rebuke came just hours after Trump reportedly called on
Russia to hack into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s
email server to obtain unpublished emails.

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