Brexit : Worst rise in UK hate crimes caused by EU referendum: Police


A woman walks past a house where “Vote Leave” boards are displayed in Redcar, north east England on June 27, 2016. ©AFP

British police believe the
spike in hate crime in the following the ()
referendum was the worst on record and caused by the nature of the EU
referendum debate.

Recent figures released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council
(NPCC) showed that reports of hate crimes to police increased by 42
percent across Britain in the week before and the week after the vote
compared to the same period last year.
In London, the police have reportedly recorded an average of three hate crimes an hour since the referendum.
believe the referendum debate has led to an increase in reporting of
hate crime,” Mark Hamilton, the head of the NPCC, said on Monday.
is very clear in the last couple of weeks that more people have been
aware of experiencing such incidents than we have had before,” he also
Hamilton noted that the rise in the offences had a direct link to the vote.
people took that as a license to behave in a racist or other
discriminatory way. We cannot divorce the country’s reaction to the
referendum and the increase in hate crime reporting,” he added.
most common of the 3,076 reported offences were mainly “harassment,
common assault and other violence” directed against “visible minorities”
and people from eastern , police figures showed.
of hate crimes were also perpetrated on social media, with members of
the public telling people speaking foreign languages or people who are
not white to “go home” and “leave” the UK.
A number of racist
anti-immigrant graffiti were daubed on the walls across the country,
including the one on the Polish cultural center in west London.
The government has condemned the offences and pledged to take further measures to tackle them.

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