Bill Clinton caught dozing off during Hillary Clinton’s speech


Former President appears to be napping during Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s speech at the DNC in Philadelphia.

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has published a video purportedly showing former President Bill Clinton falling asleep during a speech by her wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
The video, posted on Trump’s social network accounts on Thursday, shows Clinton dozing off while sitting next to vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, as they both listen to Hillary’s speech during the third day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia.
“Even Bill Clinton is tired of the lies, SAD!” Trump said in a tweet that featured a link to footage showing the 42nd American president’s head falling while his eyes are shut.

A website called Conservative Outfitters asked its viewers to say whether they thought the video was real and not doctored. An overwhelming 92 percent of the nearly 3,500 voters said the video was indeed real.
Some media reports indicate that the alleged napping happened at a crucial time during Hillary’s speech, when the former first lady was speaking about his policies about the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri group.
“The former secretary of state was saying, ‘We will disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country. It won’t be easy or quick, but make no mistake – we will prevail,'” Daily Caller said in its post. “Apparently, Bill Clinton did not prevail over the desire to sleep.”
Trump’s campaign is using the video as a campaign ad against the former secretary of state.
“It is time to wake up and make America great again,” reads a message at the end of the video, apparently taking a jab at Clinton’s unfortunate moment.
As if the napping moment was not enough embarrassing material, the former president made another move on Thursday night that exploded the internet.

Clinton’s frolicking with balloons at the DNC‘s wrap-up was another highlight of the show and soon became subject to many online jokes and memes.

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