Belgium police isolate suspicious man in central Brussels


An armed soldier stands behind a
cordon in central Brussels on July 20, 2016, during a police
intervention to isolate a suspect. (AFP photo)

Police in Wednesday
isolated a suspicious man in a heavy coat with wires hanging out in the
center of Brussels over fears that the individual might pose a danger.

The police have also cordoned off part of the center of Brussels where a bomb disposal unit is present.
police intervention, a cordon has been established” around part of the
Place de la Monnaie and neighboring streets, the police said in a
message posted on Twitter.
Police backed by bomb disposal teams
cordoned off part of central Brussels where they surrounded the suspect
individual, who aroused suspicion because he had on a long winter jacket
on a hot day, and who later transpired to be a radiation student, AFP
“He was studying waves and radiation. He has just been
detained and police will begin questioning him now,” Brussels police
spokeswoman, Ilse Van de Keere, told AFP.
The Belga agency added that the “equipment” he was carrying was harmless, but did not provide further details.
incident comes as Belgium prepares to mark its national day on Thursday
amid heightened security measures in the wake of a deadly attack in
Nice, France.
Over 80 people lost their lives and more than 200
others sustained injuries when a truck rammed into a crowd of people
celebrating the French National Day, commonly known as Bastille Day, in
the southern city July 14.
Brussels has already been on high alert
since March 22, when 32 people were killed in bombings in the Brussels
airport and the underground train station.

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