Advocacy group accuses Donald Trump of making mockery of US electoral system


Presumptive Republican
presidential candidate speaks to guests during a policy
speech during a campaign stop at Alumisource on June 28, 2016 in
Monessen, Pennsylvania. (AFP photo)

An advocacy group has filed a
complaint with the US Federal Election Commission, accusing presumptive
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making a mockery of the
electoral system.

 “Donald Trump is making a mockery of
our electoral system with these blatant violations of FEC law,” said the
American Democracy Legal Fund founded by David Brock, a longtime ally
of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, The Hill newspaper reported on Thursday.  
is using his run for office to fatten his wallet and promote his
businesses, not to solve problems for American families. Donald Trump
isn’t interested in ‘Making America Great Again’ because he’s too
focused on making the Trump brand great again,” the fund’s president
Brad Woodhouse said in a statement.
The group accused Trump of “using funds from his presidential campaign to further his business and personal interests.”
to the Committee’s June campaign filing,” the complaint read, “nearly
20 percent of the funds that the Committee spent were expenditures for
the use of properties owned by Mr. Trump or a member of his family.
While Mr. Trump and his family are not precluded from receiving rental
fees from the Committee for its use of their properties, the magnitude
of the proportion of campaign funds spent to compensate Mr. Trump and
his family calls for stricter scrutiny by the Commission of this
Trump’s campaign has been marked by controversy from
the beginning, including disparaging remarks about women, immigrants and
But he succeeded in forcing all other Republican
candidates to bow out from the 2016 race for the White House.  The
businessman from New York secured the majority of delegates needed to
claim the presidential nomination in July.
In an interview with
Press TV, US journalist Don DeBar said Trump’s campaign for the
Republican nomination is aimed at promoting his vast business empire.
Trump as a candidate for president began and may still wind up being as
a public relations stunt to improve the value of his brand,” said
“Donald Trump is not the person that is presented to the
world as a mega-millionaire American entrepreneur, Donald Trump is a
brand,” he added.

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