Police caught on camera attacking driver


Video footage shows police officers punching Richard Simone.

’s Governor is calling for a full investigation into the use of force by police after video surfaced of officers appearing to pummel a suspect who had led them on a high-speed chase from Massachusetts to .
helicopter video of the police pursuit yesterday showed Richard Simone, of Worcester, Massachusetts, stepping slowly out of his truck, kneeling and putting his hands on the ground before several officers rushed him.
“The Governor is aware of the situation and we’ve reached out to the Departments of Safety and Justice,” said Ricki Eshman, a spokeswoman for New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. “All New Hampshire public safety officials are held to the highest standards, and the Governor expects this will be full investigated.”
While the driver was taken into custody in New Hampshire, Massachusetts State Police were also involved in the pursuit and plan to review the apprehension of the suspect, “to determine whether the level of force deployed during the arrest was appropriate”, said David Procopio, a state police spokesman.

Holden police chased him, and a Massachusetts State Police cruiser followed.The chase began when Simone, 50, refused to stop for local police in Holden, Massachusetts. He was wanted on multiple warrants for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny and failure to stop for police, Procopio said.
“We saw about 15 out-of-state cops, state police and some from Holden, Massachusetts, chasing a pickup,” witness Monty Hays told WMUR-TV.
The chase went through several towns at speeds exceeding 160km/h, with the pickup truck “making abrupt lane changes as the [suspect] continued to try to evade capture” and crashing at least once, Procopio said.
Spike strips laid out by police eventually took their toll. In Nashua, where the chase ended, witnesses said the truck was barely pushing the speed limit.
“Its tyres, they just were exploded,” Hays told the television station. “They were on rims. Rubber was flying everywhere.”
The pursuit lasted about an hour, ending about 80km northeast of where it began.
Helicopter video showed the pickup truck stopped next to a utility pole on a deadend street before police officers surrounded it with their weapons drawn. The driver stepped from the truck, got onto the ground and was on all fours and lowering himself when the officers set upon him, throwing punches.
Simone was taken into custody by Nashua police, who haven’t returned phone calls seeking comment on the chase and Simone’s treatment.
Simone couldn’t be reached for comment while in custody.
Massachusetts State Police said Simone will face new charges related to the chase.

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