Iran says more neighbors want its jet fuel


says a larger number of its neighbors want are negotiating to purchase its jet fuel.

A top Iranian oil official said on Friday that more neighboring states are negotiating with the country over the purchase of jet fuel.  
Esmail Hasham-Firooz, the director for export and import affairs of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), has been quoted by the media as saying that Tajikistan is currently the newest client that wants to purchase the crucial fuel from Iran.  
Hasham-Firooz added that Armenia and Afghanistan that last year imported jet fuel from Iran are also negotiating over new orders. New exports, he said, will take place before March 2017.  
The official added that Iran exported 15,000 tons of jet fuel over the past Iranian calendar year of 1394 (ended 21 March 2016).  
The figure, he added, shows a five-fold increase compared to the previous calendar year (ended 21 March 2015) when Afghanistan was the only importer.   
Hasham-Firooz also said that Iran has also been exporting the fuel to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), but did not provide a breakup of volumes.     
He further emphasized that Iran is also making the required preparations for exporting regular gasoline – what he said could start by next March and only after the Persian Gulf Star Refinery is put on stream this fall. 
Hasham-Firooz said that the Persian Gulf Star Refinery is expected to produce 12 million liters of gasoline per day of which 8 million liters will be used domestically and the rest will be exported to overseas markets including Afghanistan. 
Iran joined the international club of jet fuel exporters in October 2015 after it began exporting the first supplies of the crucial fuel to Afghanistan and Armenia.

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