Honda Motor to recall Takata-made airbags


Honda Motor recalls millions of cars over an airbag defect. (file photo)

Honda Motor is set to recall an additional 20 million deficient airbags made by Japanese auto part giant Takata.
Honda, along with other automakers, has already been ordered by the US to recall all units that do not contain a desiccant which keeps explosives in airbags from deteriorating.
The Japanese automaker now plans to widen areas for the recall to Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe, which will force the firm to recall another 20 million airbags or more globally, bringing the total number to more than 50 million, the Nikkei daily said.
The scandal has been the biggest auto recall in US history with 29 million cars being recalled.
The additional cost for Honda is estimated to be around 1.87 billion dollars.
Last week, two more people died in accidents linked to Takata-made airbags. Most deaths have been in the US.
Takata’s airbag system defect has been linked to a dozen deaths so far.
On Wednesday, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ordered Takata to recall between 35 and 40 million more airbags installed in US cars.
US officials have been unable to settle on the exact cause of the problem.
Takata airbags can rupture and spray shrapnel, a safety defect which has reportedly caused dozens of injuries, too.
Last November, NHTSA imposed a record $200 million civil fine on Takata for providing ‘inadequate and inaccurate’ information about its dangerously explosive safety devices installed in millions of cars.
Experts believe the problem is more likely to surface in older cars and in climates where humidity is high.

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