‘Bernie Sanders campaign worrying US political system’

May 9, 2016 2:30 pm

Democratic presidential candidate speaks in New Jersey on May 8, 2016. (Courtesy of NJ.com)

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says his campaign has made the political establishment nervous.
“We have made the financial establishment, the political establishment and the media establishment quite nervous,” stated Sanders, adding “that is a good thing.”
Sanders made the comments during his campaign rally in New Brunswick in the state of New Jersey on Sunday.
He also told supporters that it was “most important” that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump does not become president in the November election.
“I would hope and expect that all of us would understand that Donald Trump must not become president of the . And I am happy to tell you that Donald Trump will not become president of the because in every national poll that I have seen and in most statewide polls we beat him by double digit numbers. And if Democrats want to have the strongest candidate against Trump they should look at those polls because in every single one of them we beat Trump by a larger margin than does Clinton.”
He also criticized Wall Street and its financial policies.
“Has one Wall Street executive gotten a police record for destroying the lives of millions?” Sanders asked. “That is why we’re going to bring justice back to a broken criminal justice system.”
Despite his big victory against rival Hillary Clinton in last week’s Indiana primary, Sanders does not yet hold the lead in the Democratic race.
Still, Sanders says he has no plans to quit before the final primary votes have been cast in June.
The Democratic candidate with the most delegates will face billionaire businessman Donald Trump, the sole Republican candidate in November’s presidential election.
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