UN Security Council calls for Yemen roadmap on security measures


Representatives from ’s Houthi Ansarullah movement and the Saudi-backed former government take part in a meeting in Kuwait City as part of the -brokered peace talks, April 21, 2016. (AFP)

The UN Security Council has called on all Yemeni warring sides to develop a roadmap for implementing security measures, and demanded that the UN chief submit a broad peace plan for the war-hit country.
In a statement unanimously adopted by the 15-member body on Monday, the council urged all Yemeni parties “to develop a roadmap for the implementation of interim security measures, especially at the local level, withdrawals, handover of heavy weapons, [and] restoration of state institutions.”
“The council reiterates its call to all parties to engage in peace talks in a flexible and constructive manner without preconditions, and in good faith,” the statement said.
Representatives from Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement and the Saudi-backed former government began talks in Kuwait on Thursday. Both sides are reportedly still addressing ways to consolidate a ceasefire deal that went into effect on April 11, and have yet to address a political settlement.

Yemeni children stand inside their house in the capital Sana’a, which was destroyed several months ago in a Saudi airstrike, March 12, 2016. (AFP)

The Security Council statement also urged Yemeni negotiators to agree on a framework of “principles, mechanisms and processes” for reaching a comprehensive peace accord that would “bring about a permanent end to the conflict.”
Yemen has been under military attacks by Saudi Arabia since late March last year. At least 9,400 people, including 4,000 women and children, have been killed, and over 16,000 others injured since the onset of the aggression on Yemen aimed at shoring up the former Yemeni regime and undermining the Ansarullah movement.
The council also asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to submit a broad plan to the body within 30 days, detailing how UN Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed can help the warring Yemeni parties move towards peace.
In a Monday statement, Ahmed reported a tangible progress in the talks between Yemeni sides, welcoming “the parties’ commitment to the cessation of hostilities.”
“It is clear that these efforts and the recommendations from the members of the delegations assigned to follow up on support for the cessation of hostilities are contributing to the stabilization of the security situation in the country,” he added.

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