Takfiri Daesh calls Muslim Brotherhood ‘apostate’


This photo shows the front page of the latest issue of Daesh’s propaganda magazine Dabiq with a picture of ’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group has branded Muslim Brotherhood, a leading transnational Sunni movement, as “apostate.”
The Takfiris lambasted the Egypt-based organization in a 25-page “feature” published in the latest issue of their propaganda magazineDabiq on Wednesday.
It denounced the group’s close ties with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and its support for the establishment of democratic bodies.
The feature, with pictures of Egypt’s ousted and Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohamed Morsi dominating it, also accused Muslim Brotherhood of “waging war against Islam and the Muslims.”
The text dismissed democracy as “a faith that gives supreme authority to people,” criticizing the Brotherhood for playing a part in various parliamentary systems across the and North .
In Jordan, security officials closed the headquarters of a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in the capital Amman as well as an office in the city of Jerash some 48 km (30 miles) north of the capital.
“Jordanian security searched the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and evacuated it before sealing off the entrance with red wax,” lawyer Abdelkader al-Khatib said on Wednesday.

Wax covers the keyhole at the main entrance of the Muslim Brotherhood’s office in Amman, Jordan, after it was shut by police acting on orders of the Amman governor, April 13, 2016. (Photo by Reuters)

Jordanian authorities view the Brotherhood, which has wide grassroots support in Jordan, as an illegal organization.
Jordan and Saudi Arabia are among a group of countries which support Takfiri groups fighting in Syria and Iraq.
According to findings of a recent study by two UAE-based think tanks, the majority of people who are promoting Takfiri ideology online are using political rather than religious arguments.
The findings are based on a study of over 45,000 Arabic-language Tweets by individuals who have either perpetrated terror attacks or trained to do so, along with 789 YouTube videos and numerous blogs.
The study found that 78.3 percent of polemics used by the terrorist Takfiri group “are essentially non-religious and principally sociopolitical.”
The study’s findings also showed that the rejection of “Zionism” only appeared in 3.7 percent of the material studied, while direct attacks on Israel did not feature at all.
Daesh periodically releases propaganda videos that depict gruesome scenes such as videotaped beheadings and summary executions.

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