Snake emerges from second-storey bathroom in Sydney

A rather large python found its way into a second-storey bathroom in today.
Alison Mason heard a large thud come from the room and went to inspect, she wasn’t quite prepared to find a diamond python slithering around.

Photo / Seven

She bravely captured a few photos of the harmless beast before locking the door and calling her husband who got help.
Experts eventually arrived and relocated the snake outside, though the snake could come back for another visit.
Taronga Zoo Reptile Keeper Stuart Kozlowski told the Seven News that pythons seek shelter indoors to avoid extreme weather, but people shouldn’t be alarmed. While the snakes are typically 2.8 metres long, they are not venomous and eat unwanted pests.
“These snakes would be getting into people’s roofs or under the house, looking for rats and vermin to eat.”

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