Sky TV tweaks its software after thousands of customer complaints


Sky has taken viewers feedback on board. Photo / Sarah Ivey

Sky TV has updated its software again, making it easier to read after a previous software change in January led to thousands of complaints from customers.
The changes, which include tweaks to font size, darkness and colour contrast, will come into effect tomorrow, said Sky spokeswoman Kirsty Way.
In January, angry and frustrated clients took to the network’s Facebook page to condemn the update as slow and causing the picture to lag. They said it had a small, difficult-to-read font.
One man’s post garnered 16,000 “likes” within hours. Most of the more than 2500 comments written below his post agreed with him.
Stewart Bryan wrote: “Your new upgrade to MySky is awful – a real backwards step. Smaller font I can’t read, terrible colours and so so SLOW to react.”

“We certainly took that feedback on board,” Ms Way said.The Herald was inundated with emails from readers with similar complaints after running a story about the issue earlier this year.
The company had been “working away in the background” over the last couple of months on the changes rolling out tomorrow.
The new software update took into consideration customer complaints as well as research the company had done into what was and wasn’t working overseas, Ms Way said.
Changes to the company’s MySky software will be ongoing, with updates every coupe of months to make the user experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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