Egypt parliament endorses new cabinet


The photo shows ’s parliament in Cairo on April 20, 2016.

Egypt’s parliament has granted a vote of confidence to the cabinet of Prime Minister Sherif Ismail.
The majority of the parliament members endorsed the cabinet as 433 voted in favor of it while 38 voted against and five abstained.
Some 476 of 595 lawmakers took part in the session that approved the cabinet after 24 days of discussions since Ismail outlined his cabinet’s future plan on March 27.
The PM pledged to provide biannual reports on the government’s economic performance and the actions taken to achieve social justice.
On March 23, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi reshuffled Ismail’s cabinet after six months of its formation as it was stricken with a corruption scandal, and named ten new ministers.
Sisi also named four new deputy ministers – a deputy planning minister and three deputy finance ministers for treasury affairs, tax policy and fiscal policy.
The ministers of justice, tourism, finance, investment, civil aviation, irrigation, human resource, antiquities and transportation were substituted. A new ministry for public business sector was also established in the cabinet.
Egypt has been the scene of anti-government protests since the first democratically-elected president of the country, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted in a military coup in July 2013. Sisi, who was the head of the armed forces at the time of the coup, became president later.

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