Child abduction mum seeks prison release

Sally Faulkner’s lawyer was expected overnight to urge a Lebanese judge to release Faulkner from prison as she fights charges over the botched attempt to take back her two children in Beirut.
The Brisbane mother and a 60 Minutes TV crew faced a Beirut court over the failed operation carried out by Child Abduction Recovery International on April 7.
Judge Rami Abdullah last week urged Faulkner and her estranged husband Ali Elamine to reach a custody agreement ahead of the hearing, but their lawyers say this has not been possible.
Faulkner offered to drop her claim for sole custody of Lahela, 5, and Noah, 3, if Elamine drops the abduction charges.
Faulkner’s lawyer Hassan Moghabghab was to ask the judge to release her on bail if he rejects their argument that she should be released because mothers can’t be charged for abducting their own children.
He also planned to show the judge a document allegedly signed by Elamine in which he agrees to consult Faulkner about where their children will live. And he was to ask the judge to enforce an Australian court ruling that gave Faulkner custody.

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