Man allegedly plotted to dognap Barack Obama’s dog

January 9, 2016 11:30 am

 Sunny is a Portuguese water dog belonging to President Barack Obama and his family. Photo / AP

A man who allegedly plotted to dognap one of Barack Obama’s presidential pooches has been arrested with a truck full of weapons.
secret service arrested Scott Stockert, 49, after
learning of his intention to abduct one of the president’s Portuguese
water dogs, Bo and Sunny.
Court documents show that when questioned, Stockert claimed to be Jesus Christ, the Washington Post reported.
also claimed to be the son of former president John Kennedy and actress
Marilyn Monroe, and said he planned to run for president himself.
The Washington Post reported agents found a cache of weapons in Stockert’s pick-up truck when they arrested him.
He has been released under supervision ahead of his next court date.

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