Top 10 trending viral world news you need to know

December 30, 2015 7:06 am


security forces, supported by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, advance
their position through damaged buildings towards the central Ramadi.
Photo / AP

Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.
Coalition air strikes have killed 10 (Islamic State) commanders –
with some linked to last month’s attacks in Paris and planning further
attacks, a US military spokesman said. The strikes occurred in Iraq and
Syria in the past month, Colonel Steve Warren said. Charaffe al-Mouadan,
one of those killed, was a direct link to cell leader Abdelhamid
Abaaoud, he said. Al-Mouadan, a French national, was a friend of gunman
Samy Amimour, one of the Bataclan attackers, the Guardian said.

A British couple have been found guilty of a bomb plot timed for the
7/7 10th anniversary this year. Mohammed Rehman, 25, and Sana Ahmed
Khan, 24, intended to commemorate the London attacks with new blasts in
either a Westfield shopping centre in west London or the Underground,
the Old Bailey heard. Police were alerted to a stockpile of chemicals at
their home after the husband sent out tweets asking for advice on which
targets he should hit.

3.A couple in New
Mexico were marooned for 20 hours in their car during the US storms, it
was revealed. Jimmy and Betty Anderson sat in complete darkness under a
12-foot snow drift on a road near Clovis. The incident happened on
Monday. The storm has since moved to the US northeast and killed three

4. An ancient bridge over the River
Wharfe in Tadcaster, northern England, has collapsed because of flooding
as Britain prepares for more rain from storm Frank.

The Telegraph reports that one man caught up in a storm is
Environment Agency chairman Sir Philip Dilley who was reported to be
sunning himself in Barbados.

5. The BBC reports
police say that “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch held a farewell party
before fleeing to Mexico. Couch, 18, and his mother, Tonya, were
arrested in the resort Puerto Vallarta. Couch is known for avoiding jail
for a fatal drink-driving crash after blaming his wealthy upbringing.

Bangladesh cricket star Shahadat Hossain has been charged with
torturing an 11-year-old servant. The bowler was arrested after four
weeks on the run with his wife, Nritto Shahadat. Hossain, 29, has been
suspended from all cricket. The alleged victim, Mahfuza Akhter, suffered
multiple injuries, including a broken leg. She told CNN that the
couple, for whom she worked for a year, used to beat and punch her.

7. The Guardian
says Britain’s largest sperm bank has been screening for and turning
away donors with dyslexia, autism and attention deficit disorder in
attempts to “minimise the risk of transmitting common genetic diseases
or malformations”. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is
investigating the London Sperm Bank. Famous dyslexics include Sir
Richard Branson and Steve Jobs.

8. Reuters
reports that Isis theologians have issued a fatwa on when “owners” of
female slaves can have sex with them in an attempt to curb what they
called violations in the treatment of captured women. The ruling was
among documents found by US special ops troops in Syria in May. Among
the bans are a father and son having sex with the same slave and the
owner of a mother and daughter having sex with both. Isis has
established a department of “war spoils” to manage slavery.

Qatar’s former emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani has undergone an
operation in Switzerland after breaking a leg on holiday. It was
reported that as many as nine planes belonging to the royal family had
landed in Zurich because of the emergency.

10. The Telegraph
reports that conservationists in Spain will use drones to help save the
endangered Iberian lynx which number 327 in the wild. Lynx often travel
large distances, exposing them to greater risk. Last year 21 were
killed on Spanish roads. Released lynx are tracked by radio collars
monitored by an operator. Now a drone will follow the radio markers.

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