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December 9, 2015 1:20 pm


Two Maasai herdsmen have been charged with allegedly poisoning a famous pride of lions. Photo / AP

Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.
1. Two
Maasai herdsmen have been charged with allegedly poisoning a famous
pride of lions which featured on the BBC’s Big Cat Diary programme in
Kenya. Two lions were killed after the herdsmen doused a cow carcass
with poison, one is missing and eight are being treated, the BBC
reports. The Lions killed three of the men’s cows when they entered the
Maasai Mara Game Reserve.
2. The outcry over Donald Trump’s
comments to ban Muslims has grown with the White House, foreign leaders
and even JK Rowling piling in. The White House says the comments
disqualify Trump from the presidential race. British Prime Minister
David Cameron called the comments “divisive, unhelpful and quite
simply wrong” and French PM Manuel Valle said Trump “stokes hatred”.
Rowling said her fictional bad wizard Voldemort was “nowhere as bad” as
Trump. Trump claims it is a message to Muslims that “we want you to
turn in the bad ones.” He claimed that police avoid “radicalised” areas
of Paris and London.
Oscar Pistorius is now able to go about Pretoria wearing an electronic
tag after being granted bail. Despite having his sentence upgraded from
culpable homicide to murder, Pistorius’ conditions have improved – he
had earlier gone from a year in jail to home detention. He intends to
appeal to the Constitutional Court which will take months.
AFP reports that Malaysian airport authorities, still puzzled by the
disappearance of MH370, are facing the opposite problem. They are trying
to find the international owners of three Boeing 747 planes left
unclaimed at Kuala Lumpur airport and have placed an ad in the Star
newspaper threatening disposal if they are not collected within 14 days.
Sky reports on a survey of what it’s like to be a 15 year old
today. That survey was of 120,000 15 year olds across England by the
Health and Social Care Information Centre. It revealed data such as 11%
try cannabis. Girls are more likely to smoke than boys. Girls are more
likely to be victims of cyber crimes. A total 46% of girls and 23% of
boys think they are too fat.
6. Sky News reports that a suspected
Florida burglar who is thought to have hidden in a pond, was killed by
an alligator, authorities have said. The body of Matthew Riggins, 22,
was found on November 23 floating in a pond. He had injuries consistent
with an alligator attack
7. The FBI is looking into a US $28,000
deposit placed in the San Bernardino shooters account but Reuters says
there’s no indication the money trail links the couple with any foreign
group. Reuters says they drained their accounts and maxed out their
credit cards knowing they would not have to pay debts.
8. As
Beijing continues to suffer through its red alert pollution emergency,
New Delhi is planning to bring in measures from January 1 to cut down
on pollution which is one of the worst in the world. Drivers in the
Indian capital will be banned on alternate days. Meanwhile the New York
Times report from Beijing says that walking through the city was like
“strolling through a coal mine”.
9. French scientist Pascal
Cotter has told a BBC documentary about his 10-year study of the Mona
Lisa using the Layer Amplification Method. It shows Da Vinci’s changing
conception of the painting by looking at the different layers. The
first image did not smile
10. The Iraqi Army has retaken a
district in Ramadi from Isis (Islamic State). The south western area of
Tamin fell after a battle, including the army headquarters. Isis took
Ramadi in May. An intelligence expert says Isis has attracted about
31,000 foreign fighters to Syria in the past 18 months. Richard Barrett,
of the Soufan Group, says that in June 2014 the number was 12,000. The
former head of counter-terrorism for MI6 says “we have to find better
ways to address the Isis appeal. This is not about murder and mayhem …
it is about the way we see each other.” He said the Laytonstone station
rebuke by a passerby ‘you ain’t no Muslim, bruv’ does far more to
undermine Isis than dropping bombs on Raqqa.

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