Eight world stories trending today

December 7, 2015 12:36 pm

Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.
The UK
army is helping out with the rescue effort after bad flooding in the
Cumbria area of Britain. A months worth of rain fell in 24 hours. The
village of Kendal and the city of Carlisle are hard hit.

Children aged 12 and 13 in a remote area of New South Wales
drove 35km to get help for their parents trapped in a well. They were
able to flag down a motorist. Their father died after becoming
overwhelmed by fumes. He had been installing a water pump near
Weilmoringle. His partner tried to rescue him but fell onto a ledge in
the well when a rope ladder broke. She was taken to hospital.
actor Morgan Freeman was unhurt after the plane he was in made a forced
landing. The plane blew a tyre on takeoff from Mississippi Airport then
ran off the side of the runway.
The Telegraph reports that Finland is considering a plan to give every citizen 800 euro a month tax free and scrap benefits.

Bloomberg estimates it would cost the Government 52.2 billion
euros a year. The Government will make a final decision on the plan in
November 2016.
The New York Times reports that a penis transplant
is to be performed next year on a soldier injured by a bomb blast in
Afghanistan. The surgery would be the first ever in the US. It says two
others have been performed – a failed one in China and a successful one
in South Africa. From 2001 to 2013, 1367 men in military service
suffered wounds to the genitals, the New York Times reports. Johns
Hopkins University plans 60 penis transplants.
The Washington
Post reports on how Washington spent US$200 million on a tram people
still can’t ride on. The project is also nine years late.
Queensland man, Ashley Dyball, has returned to Australia after fighting
against Isis in Syria. Meanwhile US President Barack Obama plans to
address Americans from the Oval Office today at 2pm NZT about the
terrorism threat.
Former US President Jimmy Carter says his brain tumour has disappeared following his cancer treatment.

Roughly five hundred euros were fished out of the River Danube. Photo / Twitter

Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.
An Austrian boy has fished bank notes worth tens of thousands of euros
from the River Danube. The notes – about €100,000 – were made up of
€500 and €100 notes. Anyone who finds money and hands it to police is
entitled to up to 10% of the total but if the owner is not found within
a year all of it will go to the boy in Vienna.
Beijing has issued its first pollution red alert as smog has enveloped
the capital for the second time this month. The alert means that
millions of vehicles should be forced off the road today, factories and
construction sites shut down and schools advised to close. The smog is
expected to last until rain on Thursday.
Global emissions of carbon dioxide are likely to stall this year
according to a study at the climate talks in Paris. Researchers from
the University of East Anglian say it is the first time this has
happened while the global economy grows, the BBC reports.

The change is due to reduced coal use in China and faster
uptake of renewables. But they expect the stall to be temporary as
emerging countries develop. Emissions had fallen 0.6% but increased by
about the same amount later year. Since 2000 emissions have grown
annually by 2-3%
4. British Prime Minister
David Cameron has visited flood damage in Carlisle as more than 40
flood warnings remain in place in northern England. Cameron has promised
a review of flood defences. A second person has died from storm
5. The Guardian reports on leaked Isis
papers which show how the group is building it’s state. The manual
describes government departments, a treasury and economic programme
for self-sufficiency. The 24-page document was written last year.
Meanwhile the Syrian regime has accused the US-coalition of striking a
camp and killing 3 soldiers.
6. A British
tourist was removed from a plane in Bali bound for Doha after turning up
for the flight with a toy bomb, the Telegraph reports. He wanted to
bring it back to the UK for a New Years party. He declared it to
screening officials and left it at a security point. When the report
reached the airport general manager he ordered the man be questioned
further. At that stage the plane was ready for takeoff and had to return
to the terminal. The man and a companion were taken off the plane and
questioned for more than 24 hours before being released,
Germany is on course to take in 1 million asylum seekers in 2015. In
the first 11 months the country received 964,574. Chancellor Angela
Merkel said in August that Germany expected 800,000 this year.
The London Tube attacker appeared in court overnight and was remanded
to Friday. The court heard that Muhaydin Mire left a victim with a 12cm
neck wound and had ‘Syria material’ on his cellphone. He shouted ‘this
is for Syria, my Muslim brothers’ at the Leytonstone station.

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