Afghan migrants to Greece sank off Turkey’s Aegean coast

December 9, 2015 11:42 am

 Refugees from Syria and Iraq disembark on the Greek island of Lesbos. File photo / AP

The latest developments as tens of thousands of people make their
way to and across the continent, seeking safety and a better
’s state-run agency says six children have
drowned after a rubber dinghy carrying Afghan migrants to sank
off Turkey’s Aegean coast.
The Anadolu Agency said the coast
guard rescued five migrants from the sea on Tuesday and were still
looking for two others reported missing.
The bodies of the children were recovered. Anadolu didn’t report their ages, but said one of them was a baby.
The migrants were apparently hoping to make it to the island of Chios from the resort of Cesme despite bad weather.
has stepped up efforts to stop migrants from leaving to Greece by sea.
Last week, authorities rounded up around 3,000 migrants in the town of
Ayvacik, north of Cesme, who were believed to be waiting to make the
journey to the Greek island of Lesbos.

A nationalist German party that has gained both support
and criticism for tough talk on migrants is asking supporters for
donations, saying planned changes in party financing rules could hurt
its prospects.
Alternative for Germany initially focused on
opposing eurozone bailouts but is now known mainly for opposing Europe’s
refugee influx. Its founding leader was ousted in July and left, but
recent polls have given it support of up to 10 per cent despite the
In a letter to members released Tuesday, leaders said
planned new rules will affect its finances for 2017, an election year,
and could mean it has to return money.
The party has been selling
gold to supporters to get matching public funding. Under new rules,
that income would no longer count.

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