10 things you need to know about the world now

December 31, 2015 4:10 pm


Catholic diocese has condemned the priest’s behaviour as an attempt to
“capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people”.

1. A congregation in the Philippines is divided
after a priest was suspended for riding a hoverboard in the aisles
during Christmas Eve Mass, the Guardian reports. The Catholic diocese of
San Pablo in Laguna accused the priest, Father Albert San Jose, of
attention-seeking but a video of the incident shows some in the
congregation applauding. The diocese says the board riding was an
attempt to “capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the
people”. Comments on social media have been split over the incident.

Posted by NOVUS ORDO Insider on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US spied on Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – concerned that he would derail the Iran
nuclear deal. The National Security Agency’s snooping included phone
conversations between top Israeli officials, US congressmen and
American-Jewish groups, the Journal reports. The surveillance allegedly
revealed that the PM and advisers leaked details of the US-Iran talks,
which they learned through Israeli spying.

Two policewomen and eight soldiers in Belgium are alleged to have been
involved in an orgy while the city was in lockdown and colleagues hunted
for the Paris terror attack suspects. The incident occurred at a police
station in Ganshoren which is near Molenbeek – where anti-terror raids
have taken place.

4. Storm Frank has been
battering northern areas of Britain – the third major storm of the
month. Twelve people were airlifted by Royal Navy helicopter from a bus
stuck in floods in Dailley, Scotland. Further heavy rain was expected
today over northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Under fire
Environment Agency chairman Sir Philip Dilley has visited the disaster
zone after returning from a Barbados holiday. In the US, more than 20
people have died in Midwest floods.

5. Bill
Cosby has received his first criminal charge for aggravated indecent
assault. An arrest warrant has been issued by Pennsylvania prosecutors
for the 78-year-old entertainer over an alleged 2004 sexual misconduct
towards a former Temple University employee. Assistant district attorney
Kevin Steele said the victim had rejected Cosby’s advances previously.
The statute of limitations for sexual assault charges in the state is 12
years and would have expired in this case in January. The age of
complaints has been a problem for other women making allegations against
6. Nasa was warned that the El Nino
weather pattern could be as bad as in 1998 – the strongest on record.
The BBC says that El Nino was blamed for several weather extreme events.
El Nino sees warm water in the central Pacific expanding eastwards
towards North and South America. Nasa says the current El Nino “shows no
signs of waning” based on the latest satellite image of the Pacific
Ocean which has a “striking resemblance” to one from December 1997. Nasa
calls it “the signature of a big and powerful El Nino”.

The Guardian reports on the unprecedented numbers of starving seals
washing ashore off California and says experts are expecting the worst
in 2016. The El Nino is warming the water and bringing species which
suit those conditions such as red tuna crabs and hammerhead sharks.
Seals are finding that their usual food – sardines and anchovies – are
moving to cooler areas to the north. A marine life centre in San
Francisco said it has rescued 106 seals in 2015 – three times the
previous record year for rescues.

8. The
copyright of Hitler’s Mein Kampf expires in Germany tomorrow with plans
by several publishers for annotated reprints in 2016 in Germany and

9. The Daily Telegraph reports that a
7-year-old boy racked up a 4000 pound bill playing Jurassic World on his
father’s iPad. Mohamed Shugaa, 32, found out that Faisall had spent
1500 pounds in just one hour when his bank card was declined.

A young, unmarried couple in Indonesia were caned for ‘affectionate
contact’ in a crowd, the Independent reports. The 20-year-old woman and
23-year-old man received five lashes each under shariah law in Aceh.

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